“Models for Success:When, How and Why Designers are Using 3D Printing Today” contains insights derived from an international group of 49 designers, and includes several in-depth case studies that show how designers used different 3D printing technologies to speed up and improve their prototyping work. The results of the report were recently presented at the annual conference of the Industrial Designers Society of America in Detroit, Michigan.

The report, created by commercial 3D printing marketplace Made for Me, contains insights such as:

  • More than half of designers use 3D printing in most of their projects
  • Approximately 2/3 of designers have an in-house 3D printer, but 63% still outsource some prints
  • Which desktop and commercial 3D printers are most popular with designers, and how they find outsourced 3D print services

According to Made for Me CEO James Antifaev, “the industrial design customers we work with regularly tell us that they are interested in learning about how their peers are using 3D printing, since the rapid pace of change in this industry means that best practices are continually being developed. Our goal with this survey and report was to create something that serves the design community by sharing the stories of designers, rather than pushing specific technologies or vendors. We think this represents one of the best snapshots available today of how professional designers are using additive technologies.”

As one of the most active user communities of 3D printing, industrial designers have lessons to share with anyone who is using the technology today. The designers who contributed to the report include a range of large and small organizations around the globe, with most respondents being intermediate or senior designers in the United States.

Download the 25-page report for free at:

About Made for Me:

Made for Me helps designers procure rapid prototypes and end use parts from a global network of 3D print suppliers, offering 40 materials and a wide range of commercial grade 3D printers. Designers are able to quickly compare quotes from multiple suppliers and order 3D printed parts online. Made for Me vets all suppliers and provides a quality guarantee on all orders.

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