Customer Relationship Management


 NADIN  CRM and customer engagement software include Sale, Marketing, Commerce and Service systems.

 gain and retain customers you need to exceed their expectations and deliver personalized service on their terms.

This system   provides the information you and your team require to engage customers when, where and how they want to be engaged. Drive results with quick and accurate answers to customer questions or concerns and develop loyalty-building strategies.

Focus on customers.
Make the most of every customer interaction with pertinent information and internal, customer-specific notes.

Connect faster.
Keep in touch with customers with integrated inbound and outbound phone communications, connecting sales teams directly to customer records.

Coordinate sales efforts.
Follow every interaction your business has with a customer even at multiple sites around the globe to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Build loyalty.
Drive resolution with personalized service based on full knowledge of previous interactions and keep your customers coming back.



Specialized Systems of NADIN:

Design and implementation of customized systems (Master Production Schedule/MPS)
Calculating the machine capacity and stops as well as production bottlenecks
Design and implementation of customized systems for material requirement planning
Computing reserve storage, optimum time and amount of order point etc.
Automatic registration of orders for business department
Design and implementation of production operation systems
Balance reports
Consumption control reports
Line feeding reports
Process control and wastes report (PPM etc.)
Production efficiency reports (machine, station, manpower)
Tracing the products and materials in production line
The possibility of using barcode and RFID in tracing of products


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