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Nadine Rayan Co. ( a member of the Group of Companies Nadine ) since 1388 , relying on technical knowledge of professionals working 

in the field of design , production and implementation of advanced information management systems has begun 

and now after seven successful years extensive application to carry out several projects in this aren

The company has extensive experience in the design , production and implementation of comprehensive systems

 MRP2 / ERP2 and dashboard systems (BI)

The company's founders and senior management has over 20 years experience in domestic and foreign industries

 in the field of top MRS, MIS, ERP and JIT requirements

As well as management , consulting , supervision and successful implementation of comprehensive systems

 and direct cooperation with several local and foreign companies to put their records recorded 

The company's partners in countries like the United Arabic Emirates , Taiwan and Turkey are active

.Highlights of the most valuable experiences in the production version of its ERP backbone and brand «NADIN ERP» has , with the cooperation of local experts has produce 

کاربران سایت

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Specialized Systems of NADIN:

Design and implementation of customized systems (Master Production Schedule/MPS)
Calculating the machine capacity and stops as well as production bottlenecks
Design and implementation of customized systems for material requirement planning
Computing reserve storage, optimum time and amount of order point etc.
Automatic registration of orders for business department
Design and implementation of production operation systems
Balance reports
Consumption control reports
Line feeding reports
Process control and wastes report (PPM etc.)
Production efficiency reports (machine, station, manpower)
Tracing the products and materials in production line
The possibility of using barcode and RFID in tracing of products


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