Modified Internal Processes


Why organization and staff must improve their processes ? Continuous improvement is permanent and inexhaustible effort , to change the theory and practice managers and employees

 Continuous improvement is a shift that increase the efficiency and adequacy of an organization to achieve the quality and focused objectives .

Process definition:

Process refers to a series of interconnected activities

Or a set of elements that perform or achieve a particular purpose missions have been designed and built with known quantities .

The process started with a specific task and also ends with a specific task .

Some ways to improve processes

Participative management system

Documentation Processes

The use of IT technology

Customer surveys

Adornment 5S workplace

internal audit

Statistical techniques

Given the problems that organizations define and optimize their processes . Nadine mission that is due to the extensive experience of its experts can help managers and craftsmen to improve their processes

OUR Mission:

Nadine specialized team

with Identifying and checking  the status of the organization 

Provide updated procedures to facilitate the circulation of Operations.

Our working definition is that an internal Processes any individual/group which serves internal clients in an advisory capacity, including:

Bringing a specialized management consulting expertise to improve the performance of the company/organization

Working within the corporate structure to resolve business issues and implement solutions in organizational effectiveness/development, strategic planning or process improvement

Serving as a change agent, coach, educator or facilitator within your company

Supporting internal clients in a shared service type organization, such as Human Resources, Training & Development, 

Information Technology, Finance, Quality Management, Health, Safety & Environmental Services, Competitive/Business  Intelligence and Planning, etc.


Update handheld systems and the mechanization of processes to serve its customers

Specialized Systems of NADIN:

Design and implementation of customized systems (Master Production Schedule/MPS)
Calculating the machine capacity and stops as well as production bottlenecks
Design and implementation of customized systems for material requirement planning
Computing reserve storage, optimum time and amount of order point etc.
Automatic registration of orders for business department
Design and implementation of production operation systems
Balance reports
Consumption control reports
Line feeding reports
Process control and wastes report (PPM etc.)
Production efficiency reports (machine, station, manpower)
Tracing the products and materials in production line
The possibility of using barcode and RFID in tracing of products


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